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Judi received stem cell therapy the summer of 2010.  Below is her story and how she came to this point. You can follow Judi's continuing progress on her blog.

judi's story

I was a young mother with hopes and dreams of throwing the ball, running and playing with my one and two year old children. Every time we went to the park, I was so frustrated...Why couldn't I stand up to help them get on the equipment? Why was I so dizzy when I was in the sun? Why did I have to sit down all the time?

One time we went to a local theme park and my husband mentioned that I seemed to be dragging my leg. How could this be normal for a woman in her mid-twenties? 10 years went by and I saw so many doctors.

One night I fell and had to have an MRI. There they were...the lesions of Multiple Sclerosis. I was told that this was my future, my life now and there was nothing that could be done about it. My children were pre-teens...not such a good time for a mom who was not on the ball!

Fast forward to 2010. What a struggle this has been, but how blessed am I to have a family who supports me 100%. So now, I walk with a cane otherwise I look like I have been enjoying a little too much wine! My balance is terrible but I try to keep a sense of humor about it. I've fallen, I've broken, sprained, bruised and cut myself. I have had surgeries to fix things and hospital stays to go along with it. Sometimes I feel so weak and/or fatigued. This is the story of MS.

I am still here!! I try to keep a positive outlook for the future, but with multiple sclerosis, the future can be frightening to think about. Could there ever be a solution for this terrible disease? Suddenly, there is hope for the future. And now I have the opportunity to get Stem Cell Therapy at a clinic in Costa Rica. The American Doctor I spoke with assured me that this clinic is associated with Baylor. The objective is repair and renewal, which would be gradual. My Doctor is 100% for this. Since I have had MS for more than 10 years, it is recommended that I stay 4 weeks. The medical cost alone is $33500.00. Add in the hotel, airfare and food..WOW! Well now it is time to swallow my pride. The cost is too dear not to do something NOW. So here I am, telling you my story. Thank you, thank you, thank you. ~ Judi

If you are interested in stem cell therapy and have questions, please feel free to contact Judi at


Judi's friends and family believe Today is Judi's theme song.  The words apply to her experience. 
Click below to view Judi singing her theme song Today.  This video was recorded before Judi's treatment.