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We reached our goal!!! 

Judi's received her initial treatment the summer of 2010 in Panama.   Judi returned to Panama for treatment 2 April of 2011.

Thank you to EVERYONE for your support!

Special thanks to those of you helping Judi receive her second treatment.  Donations can be made by contacting Judi at

Follow Judi's Journey on her blog

Judi tells her story at an outreach program held by the Stemcell Institute in Dallas, TX.  CLICK HERE to view the video.

Judi's story was featured nationally on NBC. CLICK HERE to view the story.

...................Completed Fundraisers......................

The GiveForward Site grossed $8,500.  Thank you to everyone for their generosity.

Dr. and Mrs. Eidson completed the Massage Club fund raise.  Congratulations to the winners:

Carolyn R
Denise S
Rita K
Vicki M
Elaine L

The Poker Tournament was a wonderful success.  Thank you to everyone for their generosity!  We raised $7,146.00!!! 

Thank you to Friedensohn Family for their May garage sale.  It was very successful!

Even though we battled the rain, the April garage sale was still a success.  We raised over $1,000!   Thanks for all of the wonderful donations and help! 

Chili's Restaurant Dinner was FABULOUS!  Thank you to everyone who attended.  A special thank you to Jessica and her co-workers who gave so lovingly. 

The LaGondola Dinner was a wonderful success!  Thank you to everyone!  We raised $5,488!  Check out pictures on Judi's blog.   Thank you to everyone who donated and attended the event!

Garage Sale a Success!
Thank you to EVERYONE who donated, helped and purchased items. We raised $3,000!