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This website is presented by the friends of Judi Lecoq.
Judi began her amazing Stem Cell Journey in June 2010.
We are not Doctors or Scientists, this is simply the story of a patient, our friend Judi Lecoq.

Before starting this journey, Judi was hardly able to stand on her legs for longer than a minute, and had ordered a scooter. She used a cane all the time and even that was becoming too difficult. After her first Stem Cell Treatment, she no longer needed a scooter and used the cane only 50% of the time.

“I remember trying to make a Father’s Day meal, and I just could not stand on my legs to do it. My daughter had to call in sick to work so that she could help me make Potato Salad. That was a bad day. I cried.”
Now, Judi can stand on her legs for hours!!

Judi discusses her treatments and her repairs on her blog…CLICK HERE
Her next Stem Cell Treatment will be in June 2012. She is hoping for better walking and balance…Stem Cells and Multiple Sclerosis have about a 65% success rate in making repairs to old damage

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Judi's story was featured nationally on NBC, by reporter Meredith Land.
to view the story.

Second Stem Cell Treatment, April 2011

Judi is a musician, she plays the guitar and sings. MS was stealing this gift from her. The first video below was recorded a week BEFORE her first stem cell treatment. The second video was recorded 7 months AFTER.

Judi truly is a pioneer in this exciting new field of medicine.  We, her friends and family, are both proud and inspired by her courage.

A quote from Judi: 10 years ago, I was told that MS would take me by my 54th year...I was progressing quickly. Stem Cells have changed that, seriously. I believe that Stem Cells will "take me all the way" as my Dr. says. I am no longer hopeless, helpless. I have so much faith in these little God given miracles...Panama, be there soon!"

If you are interested in stem cell therapy and have questions, please feel free to contact Judi at

Judi spoke about all of the changes she experienced from her first Stem Cell treatment at a community outreach program held by the Stemcell Institute in Dallas, Tx.  Click here to hear her amazing story.


judi's story

Click Here to read Judi's story.

Dr Jorge Paz, Ivonne de Fitgerald, Judi, Dr Mariola Herrero, Dr Hernan Hernandez. Her very last moment at the Stem Cell Institute, July 9, 2010

If you are interested in stem cell therapy and have questions, please feel free to contact Judi at